History of Devona and the Demo's
    Devona and the Demo's began in the summer/fall of 1984.  Devona and Jeff met in mid 1983, while both were in the pop/country band Tequila Mockingbird.  By summer of 1984 they reformed as Shaker, (Jeff is a decendent of the Pleasant Hill, Ky Sect.) not to be confused with the competing Cincinnati Shakers, drummer Jeff Perrone came up with the name Devona and the Demo's.
    For over 20 years they have been recording and playing clubs and shows throughout the Greater Cincinnati area.  From backing Mr. Chris, Elvis' of every description, Playing blues, rock, oldies, and originals they continue blazing a trail for "Weekend Warriors" everywhere.

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Country Star ?
Rock Idol ?
Reno Botivauchi 
aka Jeff Perrone
Jeff, Devona, Jeff Perrone,                 Don Shafer
Ken Holycross Jr, Jeff, Devona, Glen Moc, and Bill Cordray
Dave Hill, Paul Soukup, Neil Sterrett, Devona, Jeff
Chris Tull, Tom Goens