DAVE K. - Keys and vocals.  While going country in 1998, and not doing much club work with the Demos, Dave is an intregal part of our big shows and recordings.  A master of all musical styles and superb orchestrator.  Check out Dave's work on or CD, Gypsies, Angels and Weekend Warriors.
DEVONA - Lead vocal, percussion and heart-throb hails from Milan, IN. via Reno, Nev. where she did a two year stint as a lounge and country vocalist in the local casinos.  Her good-natured charm, unpretentious attitude and superb voice keeps us booked year round. (smooch - smooch!)
JEFF B. - Guitars, vocals, harmonica, soundman, roadie and band songwriter.  If he looks distant or distracted he's probably got something on his mind. (Jim Beam?)
TED E. - Sax and percussion.  Ted has been doing our fifties and Elvis shows for the past five years.  His wailing sax is a great addition to our concerts and recordings and Ted always practices safe sax!!
MICHAEL B.- Bass and vocals.  When he's not holding down the bottom with his band The Modulators, Michael has been helping Devona fill open spots in her line-up.  One of the areas top players, Michael's playing is only exceeded by his winning personality.
TOM G. - Bass and vocals is in his second stint with the Demos after temporarily retiring in the mid 90's.  He's back and "badder" than ever.  Tom has been on the local scene since the (dare I say) 60's, most notably with Blue Rock.
Bozie F. - aka Orvil - Bass Guitar and some backup vocals.  Joined the Demos in 2004 thru a good word and many "Thanks" to Michael B. of the Modulators.  Having a great time making music and partying with the band and all the loyal fans!
Jake "the snake" Bonta, drums and
percussion.  Local legend and child prodigy, helping us out until Tim returns or Slipknot or Metallica call him out on tour ........Wwwwwiiiiipppeeeeeooooouuuttttt....